ark doors
eternal lights
donor walls

Based out of New York City, Synagogue Art offers synagogue sculptures and contemporary Jewish art. We specialize in creating custom sculptures and artwork for institutions and places of worship. Synagogue Art crafts specially designed menorahs, eternal lights, donor walls and memorials, as well as ark doors and trees of life.

Award winning Judaic artist and sculptor, David Klass, has been creating Jewish artwork and other religious art for more than forty years. Mr. Klass uses his background in religion, architecture, and art to design and create unique and individualized Judaic artwork. His sanctuary art inspires and enriches the experience of Jewish traditions.

At Synagogue Art, we combine the sanctity of religion with the beauty of artwork to create remarkable custom pieces. Look at our online photo gallery to view examples of our Jewish artwork and sculptures not only in New York City, but around the country as well. Call us today to discuss the creation of custom artwork and sculptures.